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True use of the Medium: Achieving Peak Programmatic

We’ve got the best tools in the shed but are we the best at using them? With programmatic advertising entering its third decade, it’s fairly safe to say we have sophisticated tools and experienced operators in the space. We have control but do we have creativity – are we operating in Expert Mode? Or is it time for us to recalibrate to achieve peak performance. Join Deirdre McGlashan to explore how to reach the full potential of programmatic advertising.

Duration: 19:41

Brought to you by
Deirdre McGlashan

Global Chief Digital Officer

Fireside Chat

Planning in a changing world, a case study.

Hear how Pepsico together with PHD dealt with a changing Covid19 landscape by reimagining and replanning a launch campaign this year and learn how you can apply these lessons to your business or clients.

Duration: 18:37

Brought to you by
Alex Pacey

Chief Product Officer

Eric Burke
Brand Manager
Yvonne Adele

Fireside Chat

How data and collaboration has lifted brand love for ASB

In this session ASB’s GM of Brand & Marketing – Shane Evans – will present the data driven insights & performance outcomes in relation to ASB’s “Ben & Amy” Brand and “Borrow the All Blacks” Business Banking campaigns in collaboration with Anthony Ord from Acquire…ASB’s programmatic activation Agency. If you are interested in how data & online media can be employed & optimized to deliver on Brand Love performance goals, make viewing this content a priority.

Duration: 20:33

Brought to you by
Shane Evans

Practice Lead, Brand & Marketing

Anthony Ord
General Manager Client Services
Yvonne Adele


Cookies Vs. Context – The Test for Efficacy

Today’s customers are ubiquitous, and their journey is rarely a straight path. The touch points among that journey can produce data breadcrumbs in the form of cookies and IDs. Smart advertisers can take advantage of this data to uniquely connect with customers. However, as these data points start to erode from the ecosystem, can advertisers keep up and connect effectively in a post-ID world?

By analyzing the ephemeral data around the customer journey, it soon became evident that context could be the answer. In a recent study, we found that signals that come from where consumers are reading, viewing, shopping, and hopping on their digital journeys can provide as much insight on their behaviors as cookies ever could. Join us as we share these results—and the opportunities they present.

Duration: 13:34

Brought to you by
Chris Keune
VP, Data Insights & Research


How to succeed in a cookie-less world.

A panel of experts discuss why the demise of the cookie is a good thing for the industry and lay down their vision of how to succeed in this new cookieless world.

Duration: 38:31

Brought to you by
Harry Kargman
Founder & CEO
Angela Greenwood
Director, Acquisition & Customer Marketing
Lisa de Vere White

Director of Marketing, Consumer Acquisition

Maria Grivas
Chief Data and Technology Officer
Antonia Farquhar
Head of Data, Media & Content
Yvonne Adele

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