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Tech founders panel

Global Tech Founders Panel:
Vision from the Top

A panel of tech founders share their unique experiences and opinions. From recounting the problems that inspired their innovations, to predicting the future hot topics in the programmatic space together with their opinion on possible solutions.

Part 1 Duration: 41:05  |   Part 2 Duration: 24:53

Brought to you by
Harry Kargman

Founder & CEO

Adam Singolda
Founder & CEO
Yvonne Adele


Anda Gansca

Co-Founder and CEO

Fireside Chat

Innovation Through an Always-On Media Strategy.

Aligning Creative, Content and Media to drive business impact.
Always-On Media activities have forever been the holy grail for marketers. It’s easier said than done, considering different objectives, budget sources from disparate marketing teams, and manual adaptation from creatives. Learn how SAP ANZ shifted from campaign-focused media activities to an always-on media strategy, combining internal processes with holistic media and content planning, utilising creative technology to bring it to life.

Duration: 34:01

Brought to you by
Travis Teo
Co-founder and Executive Director
Benni Lucas
Digital Director
Viki Ghavalas
Business Marketing Operations Director
Yvonne Adele


Fireside Chat

Data Driven (R)evolution

The future of programmatic will depend on the upcoming battles that will probably change the way we transact and value media and data. With the uncertainty around the cookie, emerging media channels, a market without standardised measures, and advertisers questioning the reliability of data, this session will discuss how brands can leverage new media channels using the right data signals, sources, and metrics to reach the right customer and achieve business goals.

Duration: 29:45

Brought to you by
Phil Cowlishaw

Head of AdCloud APAC

Zane Furtado

GM – Technology and Innovation

Yvonne Adele


On demand, on target and on your device – what does the future of TV look like?

This session will explore what the future of TV looks like – what is possible in CTV. Can CTV couple the best of ‘old’ TV with the power of digital to drive a fantastic viewer experience and positive outcomes for advertisers and publishers?

By analyzing the ephemeral data around the customer journey, it soon became evident that context could be the answer. In a recent study, we found that signals that come from where consumers are reading, viewing, shopping, and hopping on their digital journeys can provide as much insight on their behaviors as cookies ever could. Join us as we share these results—and the opportunities they present.

Duration: 29:00

Brought to you by
Peter Barry

Regional Director Australia & New Zealand

Jodi Fraser
Commercial Director
Jordan King
Director of Audience and Automation
Yvonne Adele


How publishers can win in the Social world

Publishers can play to their strengths in the Social world and compete effectively against the walled gardens. In this session, publishers will learn how to:
• Diversify revenue streams
• Increase reach and revenue
• Create unique opportunities for advertisers

Duration: 13:51

Brought to you by
Michael Shaughnessy

SVP, Operations & Partnerships

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