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Augmented Intelligence: the future of human/machine collaboration in Programmatic.

Artificial Intelligence has increasingly become a layer of decisioning and automation in our daily lives, let alone the Programmatic eco-system. We explore the concept and value of Augmented Intelligence in balancing the human/machine paradigm in Programmatic.

Duration: 42:29

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Lee Davis
Digital Performance Director
Angus Blackwood

Commercial Director ANZ

Roger Slater
Head of Segments & Digital APAC
Nick Barnett
Digital Marketing Strategy & Data Consulting
Juozas Petravičius

Commercial Director SEA

Yvonne Adele


Time to recalibrate, reboot and rebuild advertiser’s relationships with programmatic?

The technology supporting programmatic continues to evolve and create new opportunities for advertisers to engage with consumers and drive value across the world wide web. However for many reasons, a significant number of advertisers are not engaging in the opportunities on offer, as evidenced by stalled levels of investment and a proportionately low spend compared with other digital channels, particularly social media, and the walled gardens. So, is this the right time to recast the benefits and opportunity programmatic offers advertisers, to re-frame their relationship with the trading methodology and rebuild revenue levels in the platform? Darren Woolley observes and advises advertisers on their marketing investment as CEO of TrinityP3 Marketing Management Consultants. He will share with you the opportunities to re-align the needs of advertisers with the opportunities of programmatic. And in the process understand and address some of the issues getting in the way of achieving the full potential.

Duration: 24:42

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Darren Woolley
Founder & Global CEO

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Great Outcomes Start with Great Data

We all know marketing data integration is top of mind for marketers right now, this was shown in our recent research, Datorama Marketing Intelligence Report for Asia Pacific.

Our panelists all deal with data on a day to day basis, they will tell us about some of the issues they have faced with wrangling data, how they have managed these and the insights they have gained from doing this.

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Brent Banning

Senior Director, Customer Success

Belinda Cooper
Director of Business Intelligence Operations
Daniel Taylor
Data and Analytics Director
Yvonne Adele

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Identity 2.0 and the Future of Addressable Digital Advertising

Growing concerns regarding consumer privacy are forcing everyone to rethink their identity strategies. As the era of the cookie draws to a close, The Trade Desk is collaborating with partners across the industry to craft a new identity solution that puts consumers in the driving seat. What should the new solution look like? What’s at stake for advertisers and publishers? How can we build something better for the needs both of internet users and advertisers, while avoiding the pitfalls of the past? With the future of the open internet on the line, there’s never been a more urgent time for the discussion.

Duration: 24:25

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Stephanie Famolaro

Senior Director, Business
Development, ANZ

Adele Wieser
Managing Director APAC
Dan Stinton
Managing Director
Yvonne Adele

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A sign of the future: programmatic outdoor.

Programmatic trading is heralded as the future of outdoor. Hear from Mediacom’s Nick Thomas, Head of Marketplace and Ben Whall, Programmatic Director on how Group M has developed an innovative approach to programmatic outdoor.

Brought to you by
Nick Thomas
Head of Marketplace
Ben Whall
Programmatic Director at MediaCom Australia
Yvonne Adele

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