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Fireside Chat

Just because we can, doesn’t mean we should

Learn from industry experts as they discuss what believe drives business outcomes with programmatic, and conversely what they believe are distractions.

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James Butcher

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Matt Tohill
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Reset and Rebuild for 2021: What Covid-19 has taught us about safeguarding brand reputation

The coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on the digital landscape. A recent Kantar study found web browsing has increased 70% since the global spread of COVID-19, but despite this huge uptick in media consumption, publishers are missing out on millions in ad revenue because of advertisers’ fears around having their ads appear next to COVID-19 related content.
Given the crucial role of trusted content publishers in keeping the public safe and well-informed, a more considered approach should be implemented. Our survey, UNcovered: How Coronavirus Pandemic Is Changing Consumer Behaviour found that at 56% of respondents had an increased interest in news across in Australia during the height of the pandemic.
Join Unruly and our esteemed panel of experts to discuss how brands should approach advertising and in particular, keyword blocking during uncertain times. As we approach 2021, what does the industry need to do in order to reset and rebuild?

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Capturing the Connected TV Opportunity

To help brands navigate the transition to CTV, Unruly conducted a global survey of over 4,000 consumers that builds on their previous research conducted in April 2020.

The latest research identifies consumers’ attitudes to CTV, consumption habits and ad preferences five months after the global outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As the pandemic has rapidly accelerated the growth of CTV, it’s more important than ever before that brands understand and embrace the medium.

During this session, Unruly’s Insights expert Rebecca Waring presents the Australian findings, outlining what advertisers and publishers need to know to stay ahead.

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Rebecca Waring

Global VP, Insight & Solutions


Thinking Outside the (Ad) Box

In a world that keep changing, we must change our old habits and find new and exciting ways to earn trust and find loyalty.

In this presentation, Ayal Steiner, VP of global ad revenue in Outbrain, will take you through a journey of creativity and innovation and show you how stepping outside the traditional limitation of the ad-box, can open your brand to a whole new world of engagement and true connection with your audience.

The secret sauce of ad relevancy

Following Ayal’s presentation, Yvonne Adele will sit with Andraz Tory, Outbrain head of algorithm and data source, and chat about the challenges that ad-tech platforms will face in the next months to come- Together they will confront some of the toughest questions that product marketers are facing nowadays. Join us in this fascinating discussion and learn how innovative thinking can take you beyond the cookieless world.

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Ayal Steiner
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Andraz Tori
Head of Recommendations and Data Science
Uttam Chakraborty
Head of Product Marketing
Yvonne Adele


How will programmatic shape client strategies?

New Zealand businesses have gone through a dramatic change in response to the social and economic events of 2020. Chi Lo, Director of Accounts, Australia and New Zealand from The Trade Desk, is joined by leading marketers to discuss how this new world is redefining the role of programmatic, today and into the future for clients.

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Director of Accounts, Australia & New Zealand

Jane Stanley
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